News & Video & Spring!

April 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

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In other news, I came across an amazing video recently done by a Belgium natural gas company. What does knitting have to do with natural gas? Find out!

Knitters and non-knitters alike can appreciate the ingenuity and sheer time it took to create this video. It makes me happy to be a knitter each time I watch it! So clever!

I also noticed this weekend that EVERYONE seems to be expecting a wee one or pushing around a stroller. Spring is in the air, no? Instead of whipping up a boring baby blanket, why not knit a brightly colored eco-friendly one? Our Organic Garden Baby Blanket can be knit in myriad color ways in both gender neutral or gender specific themes. This article at speaks on the importance of babies and brightly colored items surrounding them for brain stimulation. Knit in our Bambino, an organically grown cotton and bamboo blend, this is the perfect springtime baby gift. Why not start a KAL with your knitting friends for the member of your group that’s expecting, the brighter the better?

With this gorgeous weather, you should be sitting outside knitting!


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