European Connections

April 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here at Be Sweet we’re still trying to catch up from our successful trip to Germany. That time change is a killer and we were perplexed by having to go through Daylight Savings not once (here in the US) but again in Germany as Europe does it two weeks later when we happened to be there. Twice as nice? Not so much.

One of the best things about our trip across the pond was catching up with friends we don’t get to see very often. Our fearless leader, Nadine and I had a lovely and lengthy chat with the fabulous ladies from Loop. The owner Susan and her trusty sidekick Juju have an amazing shop on Cross Street in London. If you ever find yourself over there definitely check it out. No doubt you’ve seen their classy ads in all the knitting magazines. While Susan and Nadine chatted it up, Juju and I camped out with our knitting and talked some serious knitting pattern talk.

As previously mentioned, we shared a booth with our friends Gina and Austin from Alchemy and Sharon, Joel and their amazing daughter Sally from Lantern Moon. Normally we only get to see them briefly at TNNA so seeing them more on this trip was a treat.

And of course, the dynamic duo representing Be Sweet… Nadine in her Jackie O sunglasses and myself sporting my Liberty of London scarf.

The trip was memorable and even better when sharing with friends. We look forward to TNNA and seeing them all again!


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