Gift Alert!

March 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

On my daily walk with the dog this morning, this blogger noticed not only purple crocus starting to bloom but the daffodils pushing their way up as well. Could it be? Is spring finally here?

© Planet Natural

The changing of the seasons is always a relief after a brutal winter or scorching summer. Spring and autumn seem to fall by the wayside in almost a “blink and you’ll miss it” scenario. These purple crocus got me thinking about my mom (she’s a purple girl) and how Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us.

While anyone appreciates a handmade gift, sometime you just don’t have time to knit it yourself! Be Sweet’s Medium Mohair shawl is available for sale in the new Marin Store Spring catalog.  It’s “ready-made” for all of those non-knitters out there or knitters who just don’t have time and is available in 7 gorgeous colors. Check it out here.

Medium Mohair Shawl (shown in dark blue plum)

Here at Be Sweet we are going to continue to design more and more knits for your knitting and wearing pleasure for our pattern line as well as our ready-made line. Keep checking back for more new and exciting ideas!

Now go outside and smell those daffodils!


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