Help for Haiti

January 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here in the United States we take a lot for granted. We can go see a doctor if we’re not feeling well, turn our faucet on and get clean drinking water at the drop of a hat, access vaccinations easily and go to the grocery store for fresh food any time we wish.

Our friends in Haiti are not so lucky. Not only was their country in tough shape before, but in light of the recent earthquake and horrific aftershock, the living conditions are downright nightmarish. Loved ones, villages, crops, schools, hospitals all gone. Many parts of the country will need to be completely rebuilt.

While there are many fantastic charities to donate to, Ravelry has made it easier for knitters and crocheters alike to do their part. In a special section with roughly 800 patterns for sale with most or all the proceeds going towards relief efforts, you can do your bit and buy a pattern and feel good about it.

Whenever a natural disasters hits, it’s even harder to comprehend such loss. This blogger encourages you, our dear readers to go home tonight and hug the ones you love. Take a moment of out of your day and send someone you care about an email or give them a call. Knit them something beautiful just because. In times of crisis we need the ones we love around us.


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