TNNA Recap!

January 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

Greetings, fearless readers! We made it through TNNA with flying colors, no worse for the wear (except for maybe that red-eye flight). While there were a tad fewer booths this year, the show remains a treat for anyone involved in the knitting world from a retailer and designer point of view. Old friends, new friends, new products, super cool new yarns and gadgets had this blogger tickled pink and beyond thrilled to be there.

TNNA is a needle arts convention taking place twice yearly in Long Beach, CA in January and Columbus, OH in June. Attended by knitters, crocheters and needle pointers alike, this event is something everyone in the industry looks forward to. A chance to show off new products, new designs and a new look, this is the perfect place to feel the pulse of the industry and see a first hand reaction to your new products.

We started our experience Friday night at Sample It, a place to show off new products and sell for 1 hour. Akin to a mob scene but with yarn instead of pitchforks, this event had us kicking off one of our new yarns called T-Shirt. Made from remnants of t-shirt and containing zero knots, this stretchy, unique yarn comes in candy-colored giant hanks, complete with a honeycomb purse pattern on the label. Perfect for summer (or any time of year really) the possibilities with this yarn are endless and gets the knitter or crocheter thinking in a unique way. Machine washable and downright fun, this yarn was received well and got people talking.

While indeed this blogger may be a bit bias, Be Sweet had one of the best booths on the show floor. Well light, brightly colored, fantastic set up, great people working in the booth and lots of candy (we have to live up to our name, right?) the booth stood out. Nadine Curtis (our fearless leader) thoughtfully planned the booth and all its contents and it showed. Yarn displayed in candy jars and tiered pastry platters, rolled up like sushi on sushi plates and attached to the end of needles for a cotton candy vibe, racks full of our creative patterns and a wall full of our incredible bags, new patterns in the pattern book and new colors of our old favorites had the booth looking wonderful. Living up to the “sweet” in Be Sweet, combined with the candy shop atmosphere had the crowds coming back for more, trying on garments and checking out the new yarns, T-Shirt, Andean Ball, Cotton Candy and Taffy (this blogger’s new favorite Be Sweet yarn), as well as our old favorites. More info to come on the new yarns soon!

TNNA is a fantastic event and after departing the booth and making my way to the airport, this blogger felt excited and optimistic for our industry. While the economy makes its slow recovery and people begin to test the waters again, being at TNNA is proof that our industry is STRONG. Be Sweet has some really incredible new things going on and sharing it with the rest of the crafting world was exciting.

Here’s to another successful show!


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