Now & Then

December 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

Here at Be Sweet we weren’t always the fantastic knitters and yarn company we are today. We all had to start somewhere and maybe our stitches weren’t perfectly even, maybe our haircuts were…um, questionable and maybe our yarn choice was iffy, but we all started when someone who cared about us put a pair of needles in our hands or we picked some up on our own and off we went.

Our fearless leader, Nadine Curtis, wanted to learn how to knit when she was about 10 years old. Her grandmother, Ruth Storyk, a great knitter and avid needle pointer taught her and she had a pastel acrylic masterpiece on the needles for months. Here we are, many years later and Nadine owns her own thriving company, chock full of fabulous yarns. While Nadine is now rocking a better haircut and now shies away from the pastel acrylic, the thrill of finishing a project is still the same and happy memories of her grandmother teaching her all those years ago still float through her mind.

Nadine now...

Nadine then...

Here at Be Sweet we propose this. Make January a productive month. When you’re stuck indoors either snowed in or it’s just too darn chilly to go out, grab those UFOs (unfinished objects) and finish them. Free your needles! If the person who taught you how to knit is still around, why not make something special for them? Show them how your skills have improved and how much they mean to you. We still have 3 days left in December, so take a gander at your UFOs and see what lies ahead and what can be done to free up your knitting bag and abandoned knits. Not sure what to do with them once you finish? Donate them to charity or to a place that could use them. Just because you may not know the recipient, your knits will be loved by someone in need.

Get knitting!


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