Coupons and Stockings and LMGs, Oh My!

December 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Goodness, gracious. Christmas is a week away! How did that happen? Why is my house a mess, why are the Christmas cookies not baked, why haven’t the gifts wrapped themselves? I don’t know abut you, dear reader, but these are a few of the thoughts running through my mind!

Knitters and crocheters alike are champions of the LMG: Last Minute Gift. We can whip up something beautiful with our hooks or needles in an evening and feel good about it.

Here at Be Sweet one of our favorite small gifts is the stocking. Done in stockinette using some of our favorite Be Sweet yarns, this pattern knits up quickly and beautifully. We love it so much we wanted to make it available to you to make your holiday knitting a tiny bit easier.

Be Sweet Christmas Stocking Pattern

Designed for Be Sweet by Lynn M. Wilson

Experience Level:  Advanced Beginner – Intermediate

Approximate finished measurements: 12” from top edge to bottom of heel x 7” wide

Gauge: 15 sts = 4” in Stockinette Stitch on #10½ needles


Color 1:  1 skein Be Sweet Ribbon Ball (C1)

Color 2:  1 skein Be Sweet Knobby Ball (C2)

Color 3:  1 skein Be Sweet Brushed Mohair (C3)

16” #10½ circular needles

1 set 10½ double-pointed needles

blunt-point tapestry needle

3 stitch markers

Special Instructions:

The stocking is knit in one piece; seaming is done only at the toe.  The knitting begins at the bottom edge of the Scalloped Edging, then works up to make the top edge.  The live stitches are folded to the inside then the work is turned.  Reversing the direction of the knitting (the last stitch worked will be the first stitch worked) the live stitches are knit together with stitches picked up on the inside.  Magically the right side (or public side) of the stocking leg is now facing out.  Knitting will now be worked down to the toe.

Stripe Pattern:  *K3 with C2, K3 with C3; repeat to end of round.


C: Color

dpn(s):  double-pointed needles

K:  knit

K2tog: knit 2 stitches together

P: purl

P2tog: purl 2 sts together

rnd(s):  round(s)

sl: slip, Slip all stitches as to purl unless otherwise instructed

sm:  slip marker

SSK:  slip, slip, knit

st(s):  stitch(es)

tbl:  through back loop

wrap:  bring yarn to back, insert left needle tip through center of round and catch loop of yarn.  Draw loop through to front gathering Scalloped Edging.  Knit this loop and the next stitch together through the back loop. 

Knitting Instructions

Scalloped Edging & Folded Top Edge:  

Using circular needle and C1, very loosely cast on 54 sts.  Place marker, join into a round being careful not to twist sts.

Work as follows: 

Rounds 1-11: purl rnd; cut C1.

Round 12:  Join C2, *P8, wrap, K2tog tbl, repeat to end of rnd.

Rounds 13-18:  With C2, purl rnd.

Turn the stocking so that the wrong side is facing out.  Fold the top edge down and reversing the knitting direction (the last st worked will be the first st worked) knit together the stitch on the needle with the corresponding stitch 6 rows down (first row of C2).  Repeat to end of round.

Leg of Stocking:

With C2 knit 2 rounds.

Join C3 and work in Stripe Pattern as given above until stocking measures 10” from top edge fold.

Heel Flap: 

Work next 12 sts in Stripe Pattern; turn work.  Using a dpn, join C1 and purl 24 sts.  Leave the remaining 30 stocking sts on the circular needle to be worked later. 

Work as follows:

Row 1. Turn work, sl1, knit to end of row.

Row 2. Turn work, sl1, purl to end of row.

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 6x’s (12 rows worked).

Turn Heel:             

Row 1:              Sl1, K13, SSK, K1, turn.

Row 2:              Sl1, P5, P2tog, P1, turn.

Row 3:              Sl1, K6, SSK, K1, turn.

Row 4:              Sl1, P7, P2tog, P1, turn.

Row 5:              Sl1, K8, SSK, K1, turn.

Row 6:              Sl1, P9, P2tog, P1, turn.

Row 7:              Sl1, K10, SSK, K1, turn.

Row 8:              Sl1, P11, P2tog, P1, turn.

Row 9:              Sl1, K12, SSK, turn.

Row 10:              Sl1, P13, P2tog, turn.  (14 sts remaining)


Using circular needle, sl1, knit across remaining 13 heel sts.  With same needle pick up and knit 6 sts along side of flap, M1 between heel flap and stocking sts; place marker and cut C1.

Using C2 and C3, work in Stripe Pattern across next 30 sts, place marker; cut C2 & C3. 

Join C1.  M1 between heel flap and stocking sts, pick up and knit 6 sts along side of heel flap, then knit across 7 heel sts; cut C1. 

There are now 58 sts on the circular needles with 3 markers placed as follows:  the original marker for the beginning of the round, and 2 markers at each gusset.

Work next rnd as follows:

Join C2 and K3, join C3 and K3, K3 with C2, K5 with C3, slip marker, work in Striped Pattern to next marker, slip marker, K5 with C2, work in Stripe Pattern to end of rnd. 

Gusset Shaping:

Round 1:  Work in Striped Pattern incorporating extra stitches at gusset into pattern.

Round 2:  Incorporating gusset decreases into pattern, work in Striped Pattern until 3 sts before first marker, K2tog, K1, work in Striped Pattern to next marker, K1, SSK, incorporating decrease into pattern, work in Striped Pattern, to end of round.  (56 sts)

Rounds 3 & 4:  Work in Striped Pattern incorporating extra stitch at gusset into pattern.

Round 5:  Work in Striped Pattern, incorporating decrease into pattern, until 3 sts before first marker, K2tog, K1, work in Striped Pattern to next marker, K1, SSK, incorporating decrease into pattern, work in Striped Pattern, to end of round.  (54 sts) (Note: Remove gusset markers.)


Next 7 Rounds:  Work in Striped Pattern to end of round.  Cut C2 & C3.


Join C1, K2tog, K12, place marker, K13, K2tog, K12, place marker, K13.  (52 sts)

Knit 1 round.

Work toe shaping as follows:

Round 1:  Knit to 3 sts before next marker, K2tog, K1, sm, K1, SSK, knit to 3 sts before next marker, K2tog, K1, sm, K1, SSK, knit to end of round.

Round 2:  Knit round.

Work Rounds 1 & 2 until 8 sts remain between each marker (16 sts total), changing to dpns when necessary.  After last decrease round, knit across next 4 sts.  Cut C1.

Divide sts between markers on 2 dpns (8 sts on front needle, 8 sts on back needle).  Weave toe seam using Kitchener Stitch.

Hanging Loop: 

With dpns and C1, cast on 3 sts and work a 5” length of I-cord.  Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.


Fold the scallop edging to the outside of the stocking.  Sew hanging loop to top edge. 

Sew closed any holes at top edge and gussets.  Work in all ends.  Block if needed.

And there you have it, a fun, quick knit, perfect for those LMGs on your list!

In the spirit of keeping things easy since the clock is ticking, here at Be Sweet we’re offering an additional 10-15% off your order with The Marin Store’s Friends and Family discount. Until December 22nd at midnight, all orders under $100 can take 10% off using code TAM, and orders of $100 or more can take 15% off using discount code STINSON. There are many Be Sweet products offered at the Marin Store that would be marvelous gifts!

So get your shopping done, clean that house, bake those cookies and most importantly of all, have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family!


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