Bag Lady

December 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Here at Be Sweet we’re counting down the days until Christmas. Hanukkah is already upon us and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get our gifts wrapped, cards mailed out and cookies made! Where does the time go?

Suzanna from Suzanna’s Dream Designs combines colors, textures, fabrics and yarns that add a unique and rich quality to your wardrobe or home. With each piece designed to your favorite color scheme and needs, this would be a perfect gift for your creative friend! Her deep and passionate commitment to create usable art in an authentic way incorporating many different vintage techniques makes Suzanna’s bags all different with their own story to tell.

Suzanna’s bags are made with wool pieces that are cut to lasagna noodle size and many scraps of colorful thick and thin wool. She also makes circle worms with the yarn and pure silk ribbon roses to add dimension and texture, uses a Heritage handle and lines the inside with flannel for stability and structure. She’s now making a rug with similar colors as the bag seen to the left! 

Suzanna creates her own designs that come out in abstract art form seemingly inspired by early modern art bringing to mind Kandinsky, or from a spirit place such as Native American, Tarot and Mayan energy. She goes with her instincts and chooses colors and textures in the moment, making each design unique and beautiful.

So grab that holiday gift list and get going! The clock is ticking!

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