Knit, baby, knit!

November 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

magicHere at Be Sweet we have some fantastic knitting patterns.!

One of our favorites is the One-Piece Magic Cardigan. If you’re a new knitter or an expert looking for something with interesting and easy construction, this is for you! Designed by Lynn Wilson using Magic Ball and Boucle Mohair, every time you knit this sweater it will come out looking unique and like a work of art. You can combine any of the fabulous Be Sweet yarns and mix and match your favorite colors and textures.

The cool thing about Magic Ball is that it’s a unique ball of hand dyed solid, hand painted, special knobby, ribbon yarn, and more. Available in over 50 colors you’re sure to turn heads when knitting with this interesting fiber. With Boucle Mohair available in over 60 solids and 14 hand painted colors, the combinations for this sweater are endless!

It seems like every time I walk down the street lately I see families with strollers, pregnant woman or women trying to control a herd of children surrounding them.  Almost everyone I’ve spoken to has a friend who is expecting or are expecting themselves. Why not knit one of this cute sweaters for them in the baby sizes? We were especially impressed with Lisa’s version over on Ravelry. Using Special Knobby, Magic Ball in Nemo’s World and Boucle Mohair, we thought her version was the bee’s knees!

IMG_7461Be creative and make one of these wonderful cardis with your favorite colors and textures either for yourself or the baby in your life! A quick and satisfying knit without all the seaming up of multiple pieces, you’ll be wearing it in no time.


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