Pillow Fight!

November 2, 2009 § Leave a comment


© August | Morgan

Here at Be Sweet there’s a definite nip in the air as we turn our clocks back and hour and start reaching for the woolens. November is upon us (can you believe it?!) and while our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving plans and holiday shopping, there’s one thing we all need this time of year and it’s comfort. A cup of tea and a good book, a warm cable knit blanket and a new knitting project on our laps, a tasty stew to share with friends…

Our fearless leader and founder of Be Sweet, Nadine Curtis, was recently in New York for the New York Gift Show. She was delighted to meet Kate Hersch and Lance Avery Morgan, founders of August | Morgan. Mix an art history foundation with fine art experience from Sotheby’s, a stellar publishing platform and a keen communicator, zippy wit and cutting-edge creativity and you get this cracker jack duo.

August | Morgan, offers one-of-a-kind “pillows with provenance.” The duo has focused a discerning and well-trained eye on collecting antique and vintage needle point that are transformed into decorative pillows with lush fabrics and eye-catching trim.


© August | Morgan

Hersch, a tireless arts and community volunteer, focuses her creative energy on giving new life to quirky, whimsical, and elegant needle point that she discovers in her travels about the globe. As a complement, Morgan brings a wealth of knowledge and know-how from the corporate and publishing world as he spins his two-ton Rolodex to communicate the message that the power of the pillow can transform décor and give any room a punch of personality.

Not only are these treasures works of art, they’re inspirational and super cool. Many knitters dabble in all sorts of handicrafts. If you’ve ever had an interest in needle point, these are the perfect pillows to get your creative wheels turning. Head on over to their shop to see more of these beauties.

So grab that cup of cocoa and your latest project, cozy up with your loved ones, grab an armful of comfort in one of these fabulous pillows and wait for that first snowflake to fall.


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