Never Mess With A Knitter

October 8, 2009 § Leave a comment


©2009 Bent Objects

©2009 Bent Objects

Bent Objects, a blog by about the secret lives of everyday objects  posted a yarn themed picture earlier this year. Created by a guy named Terry from Indianapolis, Indiana in 2006, a self described “object maker,” Bent Objects turns the normal things found in anyone’ s home and adds a twist. He’s even got a book newly available!

 This post from February entitled “A Horrific Yarn” is hilarious (especially if you’re a knitter or into the needlearts). We were thinking about Halloween here at Be Sweet and this image immediately popped into mind.  It’s Hitchcock meets worsted weight!

With Halloween quickly approaching, why not whip up a pumpkin hat for the little ones or a spooky themed dishcloth in Bambino? Don your Needle Dude tee whether you’re on candy duty or taking your trick-or-treaters from house-to-house. Who says you’re too old to dress up?


 Trick or treat?


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