Meet Nwabisa

October 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

Nwabisa weaving in her home in Khayelitsha

Nwabisa weaving in her home in Khayelitsha

One of the major things that sets Be Sweet apart from the other yarn companies is that Be Sweet gives back and creates jobs in economically depressed areas.

Job creation programs in South Africa bring economic opportunity to struggling individuals, families and communities, raising standards of living and bringing hope for a better future.  The Xhosa women in the Eastern cape who knit mohair scarves for Be Sweet, for example, are now able to support their large extended families in an economically depressed rural region with a 75% unemployment rate and little opportunity aside from hard labor in pineapple fields. These women are earning money and learning empowering skills that will enable them to raise themselves, and their children, out of the primitive living conditions they face, including a lack of running water and electricity.

Be Sweet’s involvement with over 12 job creation programs in South Africa has increased the number of trained and employed women and men and funded improvements to the working environment. Artisans are learning skills as well gaining confidence and pride in their work.  This makes a huge difference in a person and a community.

Last week we showed you some super cool products from Miele. The employment created at Mielie is sustainable, and allows people to work from home. Their office, workshop and shop are in Newlands, Cape Town – but the majority of their products are created off site in the homes of capable artists, in townships around the city. One of their employees is Nwabisa.

Meet Nwabisa, everyone!

014Name & Family:
Nwabisa is married with two children. She likes to work in a group when she weaves her bags with her neighbors who are also in Mielie. She love to make the growing love design.
Favorite Food:
Chicken and pap
Happiest Day:
“Winning a beauty pageant (2nd princess)”
My Dream Is:
“To own a house”

I love the fact them when I carry around my Miele bag I carry around the history that came with it. This bag wasn’t manufactured in a warehouse somewhere, this bag was made by women that are not only supporting their families but their towns as well. It was made with love and care by highly skilled women sitting in a circle chatting their way through the day. Not much different from knitting circles here in the US jabbering away while making a beautiful handmade gift for someone. Women helping women. Now that’s something to celebrate!


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